If you buy something you think you like, but then you find out you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit – it sucks. That’s why we offer a 30 days return policy here at Mr Vintage.

Truth be told, we’re not overly fussed why you don’t want it, just so long as you’re happy. Basically, if it’s a gift – no worries. If it’s the wrong size – no worries. If the colour doesn’t suit you – no worries. Don’t worry.

Be reasonable though, it’d be cool if you didn’t wear it in the mosh pit last time you went to an AC/DC concert. Hayden smell checks the t-shirts to find out if they’ve been soiled, and he knows what a mosh pit smells like.

We also don’t accept returns of outlet/sale items or our custom printed ranges. These are printed to order so make sure you choose your size wisely. 

We’re happy to pay free shipping for returns that qualify, but if you chose the wrong size, then the courier shout is on you.

Returns and Exchanges are an easy process – you’ll just need to click the button below and complete the form. You can print it or send it back digitally. Easy.