We used to have an 11-point strong list of all these things we decided we stood for. It was all about our efficiency, customer-service focus, and working culture. But looking through it later, it felt really airy- fairy. Sure – we did actually believe in all those things, but we didn’t notice a 200% increase in sales once we aligned our cultures and values with our business goals, despite what the management textbook promised. Thanks AUT. With that in mind, this is just a little bit about what we stand for, and what our work place is all really about.

We all start work on a Monday. After talking for a while about what we did over the weekend, and how our antics are not nearly as alcohol-fuelled as they used to be, we start working.

This consists largely of answering emails, having brainstorms, drawing pictures (some of which are genitalia for laughs and others that are kiwi themes to go on our t-shirts), serving customers, and printing, packing & folding t-shirts. In between times are varied, but include youtube, hypothetical questions, street-cricket, and a few beers.

On the work front, we’ve always tried to balance working really hard with taking it pretty easy. This has become harder to attain, as any small business member will tell you – and lately we’ve been doing more and more of the hard work part. That should make you all pretty comfortable, ‘cause us working hard means making our customers happy. So, whether it’s our designs, our printing, our customer service, or our drinking – we work really hard to get it done, and done well.