Unless you’ve somehow linked straight through to this About Us page, odds are you’ve already been to the homepage and noticed the obvious – we make t-shirts. More precisely, we make New Zealand related t-shirts (and a bunch of other items too).

“They’re everywhere; and if you don’t own one, you more than likely know someone who does”– Unknown stranger overheard at a party one time (circa 2010). Honestly, we still get real excited when we see a non-family member or friend wearing one of our tees, so thank you, stranger from the party.

Rob is no fashionista – well dressed, though he is – he’s more of an opportunist really. He started selling second hand Lacoste polo’s for a bit of extra cash, and this evolved organically in to what you see before you today. That was about 7 years I just crammed in to “evolved organically in to what you see before you today”, but it all started with Rob realising the emotional hold of nostalgia, and the power of topical statements (New Zealanders really love New Zealand).

As much as Mr Vintage will always celebrate iconic NZ moments, brands and personalities; these days Rob and the team get a kick out of the achievements they’ve made through simply ‘selling t-shirts and stuff’. Whether it’s helping facilitate a real sense of Kiwi community with the Christchurch support tees and donations, or being a part of a support team (think the Rugby World Cup, Team NZ, All Whites etc); the tees we’ve created have played a part in the social commentary of this fine nation and that’s something we’re really proud of and eager to continue.

New Zealand is great place full of talented artists and intuitive thinkers – and looking ahead, we look forward to collaborating with as many of these people as possible, using the expertise we’ve gained to give these artists the platform they deserve.