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My Calm Me Down Book


New Zealand Author & Illustrator: Trace Moroney

The book every parent and carer has been waiting for to help calm the storm of tantrums. The start of a new series from author-illustrator of the best-selling Feelings series, Trace Moroney. Identifies a child’s tantrums as representative of the emotional turmoil or “feelings storm” happening inside and explores the feelings that create these storms. Offers children a range of proven techniques to help calm the storm inside them, including physical activities, sensory play, breathing, positive self-talk and mindfulness. Includes supportive notes for parents caregivers during tantrum time.

Trace Moroney is an internationally acclaimed children’s author and illustrator. Her books have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and have been translated into over 22 languages in 29 countries. Trace is extremely passionate about creating beautiful children’s books with meaningful content, that show examples of creating positive thought about everyday situations and emotions our children experience

Format 240mmx255mm 32 page hardback


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