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Science shows that baby's eyes are drawn to strong contrasting colours. This black and white book with solid, friendly graphics is designed especially for newborns and infants. Kiwi are a very special and rare nocturnal bird, native to New Zealand. The perfect character to juxtapose the erratic sleep patterns of a newborn baby. * From #1 Best Selling New Zealand author and illustrator of the Kuwi the Kiwi series of books. * A newborn baby sees only in black and white and shades of grey. Nerve cells in their retina and brain that control vision are not fully developed. the simple graphics and solid black and white are ideal for this stage of development. * Encourages the practice of reading to your child from birth. The book is a large, thick board book, matte laminated for a soft, cleanable finish. Created entirely in a black and white modern illustration style.

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