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Kuwi the Kiwi decides to take Chick on his first huhu hunt. They could make huhu hangi, huhu hummus and huhu BBQ...Kuwi is an endangered brown kiwi and a new mum with a very fussy chick. Will she ever find Chick any huhu to eat? A superb book from a well known author and illustrator A simple celebration of the parent/child bond written for young children with a story parents can enjoy and relate to. Amazing, detailed, vibrant illustrations with wee native gems hidden throughout the book The second in a series that is fast becoming a New Zealand classic.

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Kat Merewether's passion for all things illustration is apparent throughout her works to date. Gaining inspiration and receiving critique from her three sparkling offspring, her honest accounts from a bird's eye view are endearing to readers of all ages.She is quintessentially Kiwi, which erupts through her quirky artwork and creative writing. Kat also acts as ambassador for the appropriately chosen Kiwis for kiwi, which helps human Kiwis to support native kiwi conservation projects.

This book measures 240 x 240mm and has 36 full colour pages.


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