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By Jay 16 March 2014 No comments

Like the rest of the country and Jay Z, we've super stoked on Lorde's Grammy success. Joel Little too. I was going to mention how well we know him but thought it a bit boastful. Here's Ella's hand-written letter that the Herald featured after their gram-gram, which is pretty cool depending on whether you think it's pretty cool or not.

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W E ' V E . O P E N E D . A N . A I R P O R T . S T O R E ! ! !

By Jay 16 March 2014 No comments

Judging by the date of the last post on this blog, you'd perhaps reasonably assume that nothing much has been going on around here. While quite the opposite is true - I'll post a more substantial re-cap later on - the latest and most exciting development has been THE OPENING OF OUR AUCKLAND AIRPORT STORE! I know, we should've done this ages ago.

It just made sense (and hopefully makes a few cents).

We'll have all your favourites at the Airport pop-up (providing your favourites are our favourites), so if you're on your way to the airport to send off a loved one, heading overseas yourself, or just going there because the parking is so cheap - make sure you pop by our new store and buy as many t-shirts as you can fit in your carry-on. Someone over there will really appreciate it, so we advise to GET A TEE BEFORE YOU FLEE!

Listen to what Rob says, he knows what he's talking about.

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